Pool Competition Setup

The official competition pool for DYN and STA will be the Kalamata Municipal Swim Stadium with an Standard Olympic Swimming pool of 10 lanes of 50m with a depth of 1,8m to 2,1m.

The pool includes changing room facilities, other amenities and medical facilities necessary for running the DYN and STA competitions of the 2016 AIDA Team World Championships.

Water temperature at the time of the event is expected to be at 25°-27°C.The pool is located an 8min drive from the Elite Resort hotel. All transfers to and from the pool will be carried out using specially chartered busses.

Additionally the option will be available to the AIDA Jury and National teams to decide to hold the Static Competition at the Elite Resort Hotel Pool which is a 35mX20m open air pool offering a water temperature of 25°-27°C.

The Elite Resort Hotel Pool, if used for the Static Competition of the 2016 AIDA Team World Championships offers, easy access from the Athletes accommodation as well as a great setup with many relaxation and stretching areas within a few meters walk from the competition zones.