Depth Competition Setup

The event will be based off a 40m2 platform permanently moored at 160m of water 1,5 miles (6 minutes by boat) from the beachfront of the venue hotel.

Three motorized counterballast systems will be used for the main dive lines capable of lifting divers at speeds of 2m/s or faster in case of emergency.

Two high resolution sonars will be operating on the platform and the dive boat, giving detailed real time information on the diver’s progress.

Traditional counter-ballast system will be available as back up as well as safety scuba on the surface. A fully equipped hospital with an ER is located in the city of Kalamata 15 minutes from our dive location, via our rapid evacuation boat.

Medical Staff and Lifeguards will be available on location to assist in cases of serious incidents.

Evacuation will be to Kalamata Beachfront approximately 6 minutes from the dive location were a fully equipped ambulance will be on standby, to take any athlete requiring treatment, to the Kalamata Hospital (10 minute drive from the beachfront).

O2 will be available for cases requiring it and decompression O2 will be available on the dive location for athletes who wish to use it. Dry area boats will be available for athletes wishing to warm up dry.

5-8 Warm up lines will be available. The Freediving Club safety team comprises of experienced and specifically trained competition safety divers with an extensive background of safety diving in AIDA depth competitions.

The above setup and crew have been used in the 2011 & 2013 AIDA Depth World Championships and the very successful Mediterranean World Cup competitions.

All factors (team, location, safety procedures, equipment and co-ordination) have been tested and are known to work properly with large numbers of athletes (140+ divers per day).

It should be noted that using the above setup throughout the 2011 & 2013 AIDA Depth World Championships no delays or incidents occurred that affected the normal progress of the competition.